The film El mud, a thriller starring Raúl Arévalo and Paz Vega, directed by Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta, will inaugurate the 36th edition of the Mostra de València, which will be held from October 15 to 24. Cry Macho In addition to being the opening film of the Valencian contest, El mud will participate in the international competition and will be the only Spanish representative in this section.

It is the second feature film by Sánchez Arrieta, a Valencian who has chosen l’Albufera as the setting for a film that tells how Ricardo (Arévalo), a prestigious biologist, decides to return to the place where he lived as a child with his wife (Vega) and his daughter (Daniela Casas) to try to save her marriage.

This story is mixed with Ricardo’s fight to recover the natural area of ​​the Laguna Blanca (alter ego de l’Albufera) seriously threatened. And the key to everything is in something that happened in the past.

Joaquín Climent, Roberto Álamo and Susi Sánchez are other interpreters of the film Black Widow by Sánchez Arrieta, who debuted as a feature film director in 2019 with ZerØ and has been an assistant director in films by Belén Macías, Benito Zambrano or José Luis García Sánchez.

L ’Albufera is one more character in El mud, an environment with which the director says he feels“ in love ”.

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