It's a powerful word

When Sol Berruezo began to develop his debut feature, Mama, Mama, Mama, she did not imagine that she would get to premiere it at the Berlinale 2020, nor that she would obtain the Special Mention from the international jury, nor that she would be selected in “Latin Horizons” of the 68th edition of the San Sebastián Festival.

The Argentine filmmaker born in 1996, began writing the story of her first feature film when she was 21 years old. Mom, mom, mom is an intimate look that embraces the most tender and raw side of childhood in a story about the misunderstanding and innocence of a group of girls, who experience death from their own bubble.

The film begins with a fatal accident in which a girl drowns in the swimming pool of her house. A dramatic beginning that invites us to see the world through the eyes of her sister, Cleo, and her cousins, while the adults of the family try to control the situation.

A story in which Cleo, a 12-year-old pre-adolescent girl is the protagonist and with the culture of soap operas, a children’s aesthetic that is full of stickers for televisions and refrigerators, love tests that seem to come out of Superpop magazine, clapping games and a birthday as a frame that surrounds a sad summery atmosphere.

Berruezo knows how to represent maternal mourning in a subtle but no less true way, a feminist approach that has captivated critics and was born thanks to a team made up 100% of women.

Mama, mama, mama arises from the director’s desire to represent her three little sisters in a cinematographic work, through the “passage from childhood to the adolescent world and then to the adult world, to reflect how bodies begin to deform and there are a moment in which different generations coexist in the same body “.

“Mom” seems like a powerful word to me. It has always seemed striking to me that this concept was said almost the same in all languages, that it was a universal word. Later, the triad because three is my lucky number, because of my three sisters and because it seemed to me that two was like an insistence, but three already takes on a feeling beyond an insistence for the mother, that call is something super primitive .

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