On October 1, ‘Medjugorje, the movie’, a story about the alleged Marian apparitions that take place daily in this small Bosnian town from 1981 to the present day, will be released in cinemas throughout Spain. The film is an initiative of the Gospa Arts Foundation, distributed by European Dreams Factory.

The documentary is directed by Jesús García, one of the greatest connoisseurs of the phenomenon in Spain, and Borja Martínez-Echevarría, winner of the III Novel Lawyers Award.

The communist and agnostic psychiatrist
One of the most shocking testimonies that the film collects is that of Darinka Glamuzina, one of the psychiatrists sent by the communists to prove the fraud of the visions and in charge of examining the boys those first days, when the authorities made all possible attempts for stopping the popular fervor that had arisen looking for doctors and psychiatrists to diagnose them with a mental illness. Contact with them meant a radical change in the life of this doctor, an agnostic at that time.

“As a doctor she knew that if she asked cross-questions, she could find out if children were lying. I understood that they had incredible equality about this event. They told me about their experience in a very pure way. I did not believe, they were an analytical investigator, a spy and I was completely cold, “she says in the documentary.

The director of the health center and this researcher went to the home of Vicka Ivankovic, one of the sighted girls, and to the mountain of the apparitions. “Vicka said, let’s go to the mountain and all nervous began to climb the mountain. It seemed that the wind did not carry upwards. They began to pray the rosary. At one point, all at the same time, they said here it is. I observed their gazes attentively and I knew that they were seeing something at the same time. And that something was authentic, “says the psychiatrist.

At the time that he recounts this experience, the documentary shows real images of the children when they see the Virgin in 1981.

“Who are you: I am the Queen of Peace”
The doctor asked Vicka if she could ask the apparition some questions and the girl, after consulting the Virgin, she said that she could. The questions and answers were produced with Vicka as the intermediary.

“Who are you: I am the Queen of Peace.

Why do you appear here in Medjugorje: because here there is a very strong faith “.

The doctor asked to touch the Virgin Mary, and Vicka told her to stretch out her arm. Something happened that changed Dr. Darinka’s life forever.

“I knew that in front of me I had a manifestation that completely entered my soul. I had gone to the mountains as a person, and I came back as another completely new person. I didn’t know what had happened to me, but when I got home I felt small and miserable and I cried all night, “says Darinka Glamuzina.

Exclusive interviews
The film chronicles the events that took place in this village in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the days of the first apparitions, narrated by its protagonists and direct witnesses in exclusive interviews for this documentary.

Among them, three of the six seers, Ivan, Mirjana and Jakov, who claim to continue to have apparitions of the Virgin to this day, Fray Jozo Zovko, who was a parish priest of Medjugorje at that time, imprisoned and tortured by the communist regime as firm defender of the apparitions, the current parish priest of Medjugorje or some of the neighbors who lived more closely the events and the impact they had on the lives of the six adolescents.

The film also investigates the Vatican investigations and the different studies carried out by the Church to determine the veracity of the events during these 40 years, reaching the present time.

Nando Parrado and María Vallejo-Nájera
The story culminates with a collection of shocking personal testimonies such as Tamara Falcó, the survivor of the Los Andes plane crash, Nando Parrado, or the writer María Vallejo-Nágera. And beyond the popular faces, the moving testimony of unknown people, such as the couple formed by Nikola, a young Serbian who was hooked on drugs, and Irene, a young Canarian, Telecommunications engineer. A chance meeting united them forever in Medjugorje and today they are dedicated to organizing pilgrimages to the place that transformed them.


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