Kakushigoto’s film revealed a new trailer that presents some previews of the new scenes that will be included in the adaptation, as well as a poster revealed.

The film, whose full title is Gekijou-henshuuban Kakushigoto -Himegoto wa nan desuka-, will serve as a summary of what happened throughout the anime, but will also adapt other scenes not seen so far. The film hits theaters in Japan on July 9.

The film will have the same opening and ending as the television series, that is, “Chisana Hibi” by the flumpool group and “Kima wa Tennenshoku” by Eiichi Ohtaki respectively. Below is the new trailer for Kakushigoto.

Kakushigoto is a comedy manga written by Koji Kumeda. It was published between December 2015 and July 2020 in Kodansha’s Montly Shonen Magazine, with a total of 12 volumes. The series was adapted to anime with 12 episodes aired between April and June 2020.

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