This May 14, Zack Snyder’s new film, Army of the Dead, arrives in more than a hundred cinemas throughout Spain, after the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League just a few months ago. The director’s new proposal, which will be available on Netflix starting Friday, May 21, is a zombie movie, in Las Vegas, in which a commando led by Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) must carry out a suicide mission against the clock. .

Perhaps the story sounds familiar to you because it is what you have seen in many heist movies, and it can also give you the feeling of being the umpteenth zombie movie. But Army of the Dead goes further. We explain in five keys why we think it is worth buying a movie ticket and going to see it on a big screen


How long has it been since you went to the movies to have a laugh with your colleagues and just forget about what’s going on out here in the real world? Perhaps the time has come. Army of the Dead is a movie to share with friends and to enjoy with others. Zack Snyder himself, who described his film about the undead as “funny”, explains it in his production notes: “It is a film that knows it is a movie, but that drags you into its world and does not let go. a zombie movie but at the same time reflecting what zombies were in the movies. ”

And the film achieves it: pure action, fast-paced, with a sense of humor and that despite the fact that it addresses two somewhat hackneyed genres, which have even been treated before by Zack Snyder himself -Dawn of the Dead, the first film of Snyder was already a ‘remake’ of George A. Romero’s Zombie – it proposes surprising aspects. It is the return to the origin of spectacle cinema, which allows us to feel for a little while, like those first Méliés viewers willing, for a moment, to travel to the moon.


The director and creator of the story, Zack Snyder, decided that he would be the one who would lead this project as director of photography. The challenge was interesting: he had to shoot a zombie movie with a high percentage of the action in broad daylight, in the relentless light of Las Vegas – or similar because it was shot in Albuquerque and Atlantic City because Las Vegas never sleeps.

He spent two years buying 1960 Canon Dream lenses on eBay to give the image the desired look. In addition, to create the apocalyptic city they had to practically rebuild a casino. The aerial images with millions of zombies are spectacular. And in the case of some scenes, like the opening of the film with the military convoy moving Zeus, it took five weeks to shoot it because Snyder wanted to do it with real light at sunset and it included explosions, shots, fights … Just to see the credits, so important in Snyder’s films, the film is worth seeing.


As he already did in his first movie about the undead, Dawn of the Dead, Snyder likes to honor the zombie genre but also subvert it. He wanted to follow the zombie canon but contribute his own version of it: “I wanted them to evolve and become something else. I wanted their origin to be ambiguous and if you look closely you will see that there are different types of zombies: normal zombies, alphas and robot zombies “explains the director.

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